Introduction – What Is “PolyglotScot”?

Welcome to Polyglot Scot! This blog will chronicle my attempts to learn ten foreign languages (and a bonus!), and regular followers may well be able to get a grasp of their chosen language through these posts. I am a 22-year-old anatomist, who likes to teach himself foreign language in his spare time. This blog is for me to keep track of what I learn, but with hope, others will also find it useful.

In general, the posts are of three types: grammar, vocabulary, or miscellaneous. With grammar posts, I will cover the same bases for each language, such as explaining articles, particular cases, declensions, etc., but occasionally in a language, a topic will present itself that needs its own post without so-called “cognate” posts for each of the other languages. Vocabulary posts on the other hand are organized where possible by theme, and I will complete posts in each language for, e.g. colors, numbers, before moving onto the next theme. Some lists will be relatively random, but each list will contain the same items for all languages. For miscellaneous posts, I have planned an occasional post of word-related tidbits, such as odd plurals, strange terms/idioms, and fascinating etymology.

Here are the languages I wish to work on, and will include, and also I’ve given a rating out of 5 of my relative fluency in each (1 – basic vocabulary, 2 – phrases and short conversations, 3 – can hold conversation, can read materials with a dictionary at hand, 4 – reasonably fluent, can generally work with the language, 5 – very comfortable, virtually full understanding). * = I have had education in these.

English* (native tongue) – 5
German* – 4
French* – 2-3
Russian* – 1-2
Italian – 1
Spanish – 1
Czech – 1
Polish – 1
Slovenian – 1
Swedish – 1
Finnish – 1
Dutch – 1


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