Announcement for Lesson 1

First of all, forgive me that the blog is currently still very empty! I spent much of the beginning of 2013 doing some tidying up and the technicalities of the pages you can see, setting up accounts for various things, etc., but when it came around to getting onto the actual content, my health issues meant I’ve not had much to work on the blog, and also another excuse from me is that the phonetics posts I’m working on are slower work than I had anticipated!

For that reason, I plan to begin on the lessons anyway, and just publish the phonetics posts more slowly as I complete them, so that there is actually some content in the site. Lesson 1 will comprise basic items of vocabulary for each language, such as useful phrases to give you some introduction to the language, so it will likely be quite brief. I will make a page here for lessons, where the content is split into each language, so it should be more easily navigable when there is a lot more information floating about the blog; hopefully the lessons will be released much faster after I’ve completed the coding for these navigation pages.

I hope the posts are understandable and enjoyable, and most importantly, helpful! Any suggestions and feedback welcome.


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