New for June onwards

First things first, an apology for the unintended hiatus. I haven’t put new material out for a while, as my health issues flared up quite a bit. Without going into too much detail, I suffer from systemic lupus erythematosis (also called SLE or just “lupus”), which is an autoimmune condition, and when it flares badly, it can put me out of quite a bit of action! Here’s where it’s unfortunate to run a one-man blog! But I’ve been thinking it’s time to get back into the blog, as my to-do list for it is growing! (It’s one of those times I lament having so many hobbies! Not enough time to devote ideally to them all!)

Here is some of the material coming up (hopefully soon!):

  • The second post on Parts of Speech in English
  • A post on indefinite and definite articles in the relevant languages in the nominative case, and explanation of gender of nouns
  • Releasing the Animals game on Sporcle for Lesson 5
  • A lesson on family vocabulary
  • Although it’s not very useful, I’m going to write out the names for all countries too! I’m a geography buff, and recently discovered that my French knowledge of country names wasn’t very good, and I was too disappointed to let it go!
  • Finally posting the Mac keyboard codes to write accented characters

If there are any requests, or something you feel is a gross omission, please feel free to write and let me know! In depth posts on grammatical cases will follow the Parts of Speech series in English, as well as a post for each case in each language with examples, finally followed by concise tables for each language as an handy go-to guide.


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