Useful websites!

I wanted to post a few more websites that I have found useful in my journey of language learning.

Lyrics Translate

This site is the main reason I have been stupidly neglecting this blog for a while! I wanted some more active practice in my languages, and I’ve found translating song texts is a good method! Although it can be hard with dealing with fragments of sentences, it’s good for coming across idiomatic expressions, and also invaluable for the feedback, particularly from native speakers. Members have been told that it’s o.k. to post translations as practices – all this means is that you may get lower ratings on them. There is an option to mark your work for proofreading, inviting along more proficient speakers of the language to have a look at your work. I’ve been doing a lot into English, and armed with a dictionary, this means that without overloading myself with vocabulary to remember, I have been able to parse through sentences and see some grammar in action – then I can look at a sentence and recognize “that is a third person singular verb”, or “that is a noun in the accusative case”, without needing to actually learn the vocabulary by heart yet. I’ve started also translating from English into German (the only one I feel confident to do at this stage!), and have received compliments, suggestions, and corrections from kind native speakers, which, to repeat myself, is utterly invaluable. It also feels good to translate requests from other members, which helps them out, and you might even discover new music along the way!

Master Russian

I haven’t had a thorough look through this site, but it has many resources, and I have particularly found the verb conjugator to be very useful! There are many vocabulary topics to browse through.


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