Introductory Phrases (Slovenian-SL)

Here are some basic introductory phrases to get you started. Slovenian has a formal version of “you”, which is “vi”, and two informal, which are “ti” (singular) and “vi” (plural).

Kako ti je ime?
Kako vam je ime?
What is your name?/What are you called?
Ime mi je ____. My name is _____./I am called _____.
Kako se imáš?
Kako se imáte?
How are you?
Dôbro/slabó. I am (well/not well).
Koliko si star? (to a man)
Koliko si stara? (to a woman)
How old are you?
Star(a) sem ____ let. I am ____ years old.
Kje živíš?
Kje živíte?
Where do you live?
Živím v ____. I live in ______.
Dobro jutro! Good morning!
Dober dan! Good day!
Dober večer! Good evening!
Lakho noč! Good night!
Prosim. Please.
Hvala. Thank you.

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