Animals 2 – (Italian-IT)

il lupo la volpe il cervo la zebra
wolf fox deer zebra

il delfino il tricheco il squalo il pinguino
dolphin walrus shark penguin

il coccodrillo la testuggine il granchio la medusa
crocodile turtle crab jellyfish

il criceto il scoiattolo la lepre il ratto
hamster squirrel hare rat

l’oca il pipistrello il bruco la vespa
goose bat caterpillar wasp

(Jellyfish photo by William Warby.)


Animals 2 – (Spanish-ES)

el lobo el zorro el ciervo la cebra
wolf fox deer zebra

el delfín la morsa el tiburón el pingüino
dolphin walrus shark penguin

el cocodrilo la tortuga el cangrejo la medusa
crocodile turtle crab jellyfish

el hámster la ardilla la liebre la rata
hamster squirrel hare rat

el ganso el murciélago la oruga la avispa
goose bat caterpillar wasp

(Jellyfish photo by William Warby.)

Animals 2 – (French-FR)

le loup le renard le cerf le zèbre
wolf fox deer zebra

le dauphin le morse le requin le pingouin
dolphin walrus shark penguin

le crocodile la tortue le crabe la méduse
crocodile turtle crab jellyfish

le hamster l’écureuil le lièvre le rat
hamster squirrel hare rat

l’oie la chauve-souris la chenille la guêpe
goose bat caterpillar wasp

(Jellyfish photo by William Warby.)

Animals 2 – (German-DE)

der Wolf der Fuchs der Hirsch das Zebra
wolf fox deer zebra

der Delphin das Walross der Hai der Pinguin
dolphin walrus shark penguin

das Krokodil die Schildkröte der Krebs die Qualle
crocodile turtle crab jellyfish

der Hamster das Eichhörnchen der Hase die Ratte
hamster squirrel hare rat

die Gans die Fledermaus die Raupe die Wespe
goose bat caterpillar wasp

(Jellyfish photo by William Warby.)

New Sporcle game + useful sites

Yet again, I had not intended to be absent from this blog as long as I’ve been! I have been doing most of my language work offline or working on song translations over at LyricsTranslate, so I haven’t had many structured articles to post here. I am close to allowing myself to be talked into beginning Ancient Greek in earnest by my classicist sister (I already study Latin) and into adding Romanian to my ever-increasing list of languages here–this time, at least, I convinced myself to work on what I have a bit more first!

Animals quiz online at Sporcle
Earlier today I finished the animals quiz on Sporcle for anyone to have a go at. You can find it by clicking here. It doesn’t include the last row of animals (ant, fly, bee, spider) simply because there wasn’t enough room! I’ll include them in the next animals game, to go with the lesson of Animals 2 that I’m working on for the blog.

Some useful websites
I’ve accumulated some more useful websites for language learning that I don’t think I mentioned here yet. I hope you check some of them out if you think they could be of use.

Lang-8 is a journal-entry-type website, where you can post entries in the language you’re learning, and native speakers can correct them with a sentence-by-sentence set-up that makes it easy to compare the corrections with your original text. In turn, you earn points by correcting other people’s entries in your native language. Free membership allows you to choose two foreign languages, while the pro option, while fairly expensive, gives you an unlimited number; if, like me, you have over ten languages to work on and you use the site fairly regularly, I think it’s well worth the money. It has been an absolute godsend for me. It may seem that you need to be very proficient to write entries in the foreign language you’re studying, but I’ve gone from pretty much a beginner stage to writing a little blurb in English and translating it into each of my languages without as many problems as one might expect. I think the best way to learn to write and speak in a language is to try, even if you make many mistakes; the best way to remember something is to get it wrong and be corrected, I think!
This is a Czech-language site, but the interface is simple enough that you should be able to navigate fairly easily. It is a Czech dictionary going into various languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Latin, and Esperanto.
Similarly, is an online Finnish dictionary (in Finnish), showing translations to and from many different languages simultaneously.

Kaannos is very similar to, providing a Finnish-language dictionary with translation to multiple languages simultaneously.

Urbaan Sanakirja
Urbaan Sanakirja is the Finnish-language version of Urban Dictionary. The entries are in Finnish, and are very useful for finding out the meaning of slang and colloquial language.

Anglesko-slovenski slovar
This is a Slovenian-language dictionary to and from English.
This is a Russian site, providing translation to and from many languages, with examples of context.

Teen Slang
As the name suggests, this is a site with explanations of teen slang in Russian.

Numbers 0-20 (Russian-RU)


0 ноль
1 один
2 два
3 три
4 четыре
5 пять
6 шесть
7 семь
8 восемь
9 девять
10 десять
11 одиннадцать
12 дванадцать
13 тринадцать
14 четырнадцать
15 пятнадцать
16 шестнадцать
17 семнадцать
18 восемнадцать
19 девятнадцать
20 двадцать